Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Is HPELT part of the Government?
    No, HPELT is an independent charitable corporation operated by a volunteer Board of Directors that come from the Hastings Prince Edward community. (See About HPELT for more info).
  2. Can I volunteer to assist HPELT?
    Yes, you can volunteer to help with work such as fundraising, special events, research, etc. HPELT prefers that volunteers join as members of HPELT .
  3. How can I protect my land forever?
    You can donate land to HPELT to protect it permanently, or voluntarily place a conservation easement on your land (for more details please see our Landowner section).
  4. Can HPELT put an easement on my land without my permission?
    No. HPELT can only place an easement on land with the consent and cooperation of the owner, and only at the owner’s request.
  5. Will HPELT buy my land?
    In special cases, HPELT may join other conservation partners to raise funds to purchase unique lands that are being offered for sale. In the future as HPELT raises funds, special lands may be purchased by HPELT when the lands are for sale.
  6. With what partners has HPELT worked in the past?
    HPELT has worked cooperatively with Nature Conservancy of Canada, Canadian Wildlife Federation, Ontario Nature (Federation of Ontario Naturalists), Quinte Conservation Authority, Ducks Unlimited, Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory, Friends of the Frink Conservation Centre, Friends of the Black River Watershed, and other similar provincial and local conservation groups.
  7. If I donate my land to HPELT, can I continue to live there?
    Yes, you can. HPELT can make an agreement with you to allow you to stay on your land as long as you wish.
  8. If I give an easement to HPELT can I sell my land?
    Yes – you can sell your land on the open market and the next owner can live on the land and use it consistent with the easement.
  9. Are donations only made when a person passes away?
    No, donations may be made by an owner at any time. Some people prefer to make donations as part of their will.
  10. Can investments be donated to HPELT?
    Yes, some people may wish to donate investments such as life insurance, or other investments.
  11. What happens if HPELT can no longer continue?
    HPELT has a set of corporate by-laws that require that all of HPELT’s assets must be transferred to a similar conservation organization that shares HPELT’s goals if the Trust is dissolved. The basic idea of the Trust is to be a permanent part of the community.