On the south coast of Prince Edward County lies the Hudgin-Rose property – 76 acres (31 hectares) of biologically rich alvar, grassland and wetland habitats that are home to Blanding’s turtle, monarch butterflies and the eastern whip-poor-will.

Part of the Prince Edward County South Shore Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA), the property and the south coast generally provides vital staging and stopover habitat for a wide variety of migratory birds. The surrounding area has also provided habitat for a variety of bat species such as the at-risk little brown myotis, big brown bat, hoary bat, and the migratory silver-haired bat and eastern red bat.

This unique landscape has a long human and natural history. Originally settled by the Moses Hudgin family, the property is home to a historic log cabin that dates back to 1865. The Rose family later cared for the land and the building, and their stewardship led to the heritage designation for the cabin. The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is committed to complying with the heritage by-law, and will work with local groups to maintain the historic building into the future.

The Hudgin-Rose project is a chance to add an important piece to a growing network of conservation lands. The property lies next to the much celebrated and locally-cherished Ostrander Point Crown Land block and is just west of the Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area (NWA) – an important migratory bird hotspot.

Just a bit further west lies the 490-acre (198-hectare) Miller Family Nature Reserve, owned and stewarded by the Hastings-Prince Edward Land Trust (HPELT), and protected with financial assistance from NCC. NCC and HPELT are committed to working together to protect and care for the Hudgin-Rose property and other lands as part of the Point Petre to Prince Edward Point Conservation Project.

Donations can be made to NCC or HPELT Cheques should indicate   “Hudgin Rose property purchase”.  Any funds raised by HPELT will go directly to NCC for this purchase

Hudgin Rose Property Brochure