Miller Property

The Hastings and Prince Edward Land Trust, a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to preserving the cultural and natural heritage of our area, is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of a 490 acre block of land in South Marysburg extending from Hilltop Road through to Lake Ontario. We are indebted to the Miller family for offering this spectacular property to us and for their patience during a lengthy transaction process. Thank you! The property has now been officially named, The Miller Family Nature Reserve, and soon a plaque will be erected on the property to recognize the Miller family.

Our major funders were Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and Ontario Heritage Trust (OHT). In addition, we received many donations to save this property. Commitment to preserving this unique habitat of our area is indeed widespread: donations to the Land Trust came from across Canada and the U.S.

This past summer we retained Ecological Services of Kingston to carry out a survey documenting plants, animals, soil types and wetlands on the property. In addition, they prepared a stewardship plan outlining procedures we should follow to preserve the biological uniqueness of the property. Their report suggests some reforestation for the more open areas as well as some plan to curtail the dominance and spread of red cedars. The reforestation will be an excellent opportunity for local schools to be involved. These reports are in early draft stages and we plan to set up meetings with our project partners where everyone will have an opportunity to contribute their opinion and possibly volunteer their help.

If you would like any further information on the Hastings and Prince Edward Land Turst, contact Dick Bird, 613 968 5753. We always need volunteers.