Road to the lake.Giving to the Hastings Prince Edward Land Trust creates a real win-win-win situation. The Trust benefits by having the resources necessary to carry out its important work. The community benefits by having those special places preserved in perpetuity and the donor wins from not only knowing this is happening, but from also receiving a receipt that may them help reduce their income tax.

Hastings Prince Edward Land Trust is registered with Canada Revenue Agency as a charitable organization and is also certified by Environment Canada to receive gifts made under the Canada Ecological Gifts Program.

Donations can be made in a number of ways:

    • By donating land, you can rest assured that your special place will be protected and managed in accordance with your wishes forever! HPELT also accepts gifts of land that can be used for trading to acquire land with more ecologically sensitive features or you can donate land that could be sold by the Trust to raise funds to purchase other lands.


    • By donating a conservation easement on your land to HPELT , you can ensure permanent protection for your land while retaining rights of ownership and future sale.


    • By donating financial resources to HPELT , you can receive a tax receipt and support our work of acquiring, managing and protecting land, undertaking scientific research and public education.


      • You can specify that your donation be placed in our Heritage Land Fund where it is invested to provide long-term funding for our work.


      • Financial donations to HPELT may be made directly or through a bequest. Donations can be in the form of money, life insurance or other investments.


    • Either land or funds may be donated as a gift, in remembrance of a loved one, or to recognize your love of nature and the outdoors . (HPELT is certified by Environment Canada to receive gifts of land made under the Canada Ecological Gifts Program for ecologically significant lands. Donors can receive significant tax benefits. Further information is available from Environment Canada . (E-mail us today)


  • By donating your time and talents as a volunteer, you ensure the continuation of the good work being done by HPELT . Volunteers are always welcome.

By donating today, you protect the beauty and importance of our lands now and for future generations.